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Local company develops precision bearing packer
<p style="text-align:center;"> <img src="" alt="" /> </p> <p> The new Pumprite precision bearing packer was launched last month and is intended for bearings used in the transport, mining, engineering and heavy industries. </p> The locally developed unit allows for easy and precise lubrication of bearings with an inner diameter of 15 mm to 150 mm and a maximum outer diameter of 200 mm using high-viscosity lubricants such as greases.<br /> The unit has multiple grease outlets on a flat base, with an outlet selection chamber and adjusting shaft mechanism that concentrates the grease on the internal sections of the bearings that require greasing, thereby eliminating waste typical of units with a single outlet located centrally and reducing the time to grease the fitted bearing, explains Creamers Lubrication Products MD Gerard Creamer.<br /> The bearing packer is easy to use and has a clear bearing clamp plate that enables the user to see when the bearing is fully lubricated.<br /> One or more bearings can be placed over the locknut rod and aligned accordingly to the correct demarcation on the base of the unit. The bearings are fixed in position and the shaft is then adjusted to the correct outlet that matches the size of bearings fitted to the unit.<br /> A greasing pump is coupled to the grease nipple located on the adjusting rod, which allows for greasing to start. Visual inspection is done through the clear bearing clamp plate.<br /> “Optimising the use of lubrication and minimising waste are paramount in the lubricating process. This product reduces the time it takes to lubricate bearings, as well as the grease required through concentrated greasing,” concludes Creamer.&nbsp;<br />
10 Aug,2018
Address:Yan Dian Industrial
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